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Titans and Duolantis deal in a profitable partnership to ensure their products specialize in the Asian market. They aim to double their agents to 4,000 offline and online networks through a unique affiliate program.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - May 31, 2023 - After successfully establishing a reputable household chemical brand, Travis Wong, the founder of Duolantis, decided to close the business and venture into the nutraceutical industry with Titans Nutraceutical International Sdn Bhd. Titans has been selling hair growth, lash growth, and personal care products in Asia for several years. The founders took a significant risk in penetrating this potential market, believing that appearance is crucial to people's lives.

Travis Wong expressed that while appearance may not be essential for all industries, it does ultimately have a significant impact on people's lives. Taking the first step is often the most challenging, but Titans Nutraceutical International Sdn Bhd was able to overcome it. One key difference between the US and Asian markets is skin sensitivity, and to address this, Titans has been collaborating with Duolantis since 2020 to create the best products for Asian skin. With an investment of over 4 million US dollars, Titans and Duolantis developed innovative and effective hair growth products that use nanotechnology and herbal ingredients. The most notable of these are the vitamin-enriched hair growth serum and eyelash serum.

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Duolantis has outlined a business plan based on three core elements. Firstly, the company has secured exclusive distribution rights for the Asian market, which comprises over 60% of the world's population. By penetrating this vast and well-established market, they hope to achieve significant scalability for its business. Specifically, the company aims to capture 15% of the Asian market within the first five years of operation. With promising results already in the works, Duolantis is poised to achieve a smooth entry into Southeast Asia, with numerous expansion opportunities on the horizon.

Next, the Titans team invested significant time and resources in conducting extensive state-of-the-art research and development on Asian skin for a period of three years. The team's focus was on creating the best formula for the untapped market in the hair growth industry. Titans' research and development center has a singular focus on developing nanotechnology formulations for their products. It is widely believed that nanotechnology approach has a lot of potential for untapped markets, and Titans and Duolantis are determined to perfect their formulations, opening up possibilities for additional products as well. With the launch of the new research center, Titans is poised to become one of the most innovative research hubs in Asia. Both Titans and Duolantis are confident in their preparations and are optimistic about the center's success.

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Furthermore, Duolantis has also made a significant investment in its affiliate programs, which provide customers with a unique opportunity to become entrepreneurs through the Titans platform. By leveraging the affiliate program, customers can build a network of unlimited size and increase sales rapidly. This program not only drives sales growth but also provides customers with an opportunity to develop valuable entrepreneurial skills and generate income without the need to hold inventory. With these efforts, Duolantis is poised to achieve its goal of capturing 15% of the market share in Asia within the next five years.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the global economy for the past two years, Duolantis has remained steadfast in its commitment to investing in research and development, with a view to perfecting its products and expanding its product range. Over the next five years, Duolantis has set out four significant plans. Firstly, the company aims to double the number of accumulated offline agents globally to 4,000 by introducing an online affiliate program in Asia. Secondly, it seeks to become a major stakeholder in Duolantis. Thirdly, the company plans to construct a production factory in Asia that is solely dedicated to the production of Titan's products. Finally, the most ambitious plan is to have their company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in five years, with the goal of establishing a strong foothold in China's market.

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Not only having a strong sales network in Malaysia and Thailand currently, Duolantis plans to expand their business to other countries, venturing into new markets in the future. Travis Wong claimed that, "Not only hair care products, we plan to expand our market to the pet, supplement and nutrition industry in the future. We will try our best to bring in at least one new product to the market every year too."

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